Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

At Signature Capital our investment philosophy is simple and is built around our understanding of property investment both at a strategic and asset level.

Identify & Acquire Opportunities: Signature Capital’s track record, expertise and market presence affords excellent access to deal flow, off market opportunities and distressed situations. We identify value through rigorous fundamental analysis of prospective investments to determine what we consider their worth to be, based on projected future cash flows and asset value potential. We have significant equity raising capability and the ability to attract international capital.

Invest with Proven Partners: Where appropriate we invest with proven partners that have established capabilities and expertise in a given sector and with a given asset type in order to maximise the returns and minimise the risk attaching to the investment. We have built up a significant network of relationships with private equity and institutional investors with expertise in specific areas of real estate investment.

Control Risk: Signature Capital has a conservative approach to risk with a strong ability to understand and manage complex investments. We control risk through detailed due diligence, close analysis of both the local market and asset specific attributes, and investment awareness of both the micro and macro market.

Continuously Add Value: We seek to constantly add value all the way through the investment cycle of an asset by carefully analysing the deal from acquisition to disposal. We also meticulously implement detailed asset management programs, identifying opportunities to add additional income flows, explore debt reduction possibilities and tenant lease extensions. We employ value driven asset management to maximise the returns for each investment via our Property & Facility Management functions.

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