Investor Class

Institutional – We have a large number of institutional partners that provide debt and equity across our product platform, and specific partners that support narrower strategies and product niches.

Funds – We work with large Global Private Equity firms who have capital to deploy and need an experienced partner to target specific strategies and opportunities across the real estate markets we specialise in.

Family Office – We have a number of family office partners who either participate in joint ventures or fund single deals and whole strategies with us.

High Net Worth – We have a significant number of high net worth investors who are invited to participate in deals on a joint venture basis.

Investor Categories

Signature Capital’s real estate investments generally follow Core-Plus, Value-Add, or Opportunistic strategies.

Core-Plus: This is a moderate-risk/moderate-return strategy. These are Core properties which require some form of enhancement or Value-Add element.

Value-Add: This is a medium-to-high-risk/medium-to-high-return strategy. It involves buying a property, improving it in some way, and selling it at an opportune time for a gain. Properties are considered value-add when they exhibit management or operational problems, require physical improvement, and/or suffer from capital constraints.

Opportunistic: This is a high-risk/high-return strategy. The properties will require a high degree of enhancement. This strategy may also involve investments in development, raw land or properties requiring a complete repositioning and overhaul.

For more information, please contact Richard Donnelly, Head of Capital Raising.